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Welcome to The Art Gallery of Paul Fulton which features contemporary abstract expressionist artworks. All my work is original and available to purchase directly through myself. Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or social media channels. Offers considered. Please enjoy browsing!

My Background

Liverpool Abstract Artist Paul Fulton has been actively creating work for over twenty years. After achieving a first-class Honours degree in fine art from Staffordshire university, Paul's creativity has become a more developed, informed and purposeful process.

Taking inspiration from music and lyrics, a new body of work entitled, "Alchemy of the Soul" incorporates emotions felt through the transcendental experience of listening to music. Paul feels inspired by the deep, fundamental emotions that music evokes and thus creates a specific image in his mind’s eye. 

Through abstract paintings and use of colour, Paul's work presents a strong visual statement to the viewer. Incorporating the concept of alchemy, Paul's work allows him to transform the base metals of his moods and emotions into the gold of visual images that reflect responsive personal memories and emotions.

Inspired by the ability of music to express the truly inexpressible, "Alchemy of the Soul" and other bodies of work has enabled Paul to articulate this same sense of raw emotion. Visually, Paul's work makes bold statements through strong and concrete images as well as more deeper expressions through minimalistic applications of colour.   

Each piece speaks to each other in an ongoing conversation of what it means to be human and to feel the rawest of emotions. Through each piece, Paul articulates a sense of himself and his connection to the world by his acute sense of feeling and understanding of the human condition.

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Alchemy of the soul 22" x 24"


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All paintings are hand signed, ready to hang, and come with a certificate of authenticity. Free shipping included. To make an appointment to view any piece of artwork please contact Paul directly.